Inside Samantha Faiers’ incredible Surrey home with Toy Story bedroom, glam bathroom, and minimalist kitchen

Samantha Faiers moved into her lavish £2.25m Surrey home just days before lockdown was announced in March and has since been sharing glimpses of the stunning interior.

The Mummy Diairies star, who lives with her partner Paul Knightley, 31, and children Rosie, two, and Paul Jr, four, recently spoke of the “difficult move” amid the coronavirus lockdown and that half of their stuff is still at their old house.

However Sam, 29, explained that as she is only renting their home, for £7,000 per month according to MailOnline, she isn’t planning on making any big changes.

Instead Sam has revealed parts of the house, including a minimalist kitchen, a glamorous looking bathroom, her children’s bedrooms and the areas dedicated to her family with photos dotted all around.

We take a closer look at Sam’s temporary £2.25m pad until they find somewhere more permanent…


Sam has a huge floor to ceiling mirror in what appears to be one of the five bedrooms in the property, but it is looking a little empty.


Sam gave a sneak peek into her very minimalist state-of-the-art kitchen which is all white and silver.

Toy Story bedroom

Sam has decorated her son’s room with a Toy Story theme and included his name written in lights above his bed.


Rosie posed for the perfect photo in a spot in their hallway decorated with more family photos and a sleek white marble table and large mirror.

Family photos

Sam revealed an adorable set of family photos in her home framed and set up on a chic monochrome cabinet.


Sam showed off a gorgeous piece of artwork showing her family ‘tree’ of hands and feet that is hung up in her hallway.


Samantha Faiers has given fans a first look inside her brand new home

‘Rosie’s Salon’

Sam got a treatment at ‘Rosie’s salon’ which is set up with a gorgeous ornate mirror and surrounded with toys in her daughters bedroom.

Rosie’s bedroom

Sam has decorated Rosie’s room with adorable pink furniture and toys.


Sam has got a glam bath situation going on with a waterfall tap and a large tub to take a dip in.

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