Is it just me? Or do you hate your smug friends, too?

Is it just me? Or do you hate your smug friends, too? asks CLAUDIA CONNELL

  • Claudia Connell revealed the impact of lockdown on her friendships 
  • British writer admits to being irritated by braggers who document their day 
  • She is also frustrated with the endless stream of ‘challenges’ on social media 

Along with everyone else, I’ve been deeply touched by the acts of kindness and generosity happening around the country during the crisis.

Yet, a little closer to home, I am finding myself increasingly irritated by the behaviour of people I thought I knew well. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who is seeing her friends in lockdown in a whole new (and very unattractive) light.

One friend puts on concerts with her family; she plays the piano, he’s on guitar while the children are on percussion. They all sing. In their mind they’re the new von Trapps. I’d much rather they just shut their traps.

An endless stream of ‘challenges’ are doing the rounds on social media, whereby people are nominated to post album covers from the artists who had the greatest influence on them growing up.

Claudia Connell revealed she’s becoming increasingly irritated by the behaviour of her friends during lockdown (file image)

There’s also the literature challenge request for the ten books that have most stayed with them. An old school friend with whom I attended a Bucks Fizz concert and whose bedroom was covered with pictures of Shakin’ Stevens, named The Clash and Pink Floyd as the bands she listened to most as a teenager.

And you can forget Bridesmaids and Riders; it was a revelation to find so many friends adored War And Peace and A Tale Of Two Cities. Who are they kidding?

Then there are the braggers who document their fulfilling days learning to speak Russian, walking with their photogenic dog and getting home in time for sourdough bread baking.

‘Cherishing this chance to discover life’s simple pleasures,’ they will write.

Why can’t they be like the rest of us and cherish the chance to watch eight solid hours of TV and start drinking at 4pm?

I’ll enjoy the simple pleasure of binning all my irritating friends.

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