It's Time To Revisit the Forgotten Canister Vacuum

In the world of manual vacuums, the question often is: upright or stick? Rarely does anyone mention a somewhat forgotten third option, the canister vacuum. But it’s worth giving the model another look. Canister vacuums are models where the vacuum’s motor and cannister are separate from the head of the vacuum. This makes it bulkier to store, but offers some advantages. Most notability, you get the maneuverability of a stick with the power of an upright. The head is lighter and easier to use under furniture and on stairs and blinds while still having a large motor on wheels. While high-end stick vacuums, like Dyson, now promise the same kind of high-powered, light-weight clean, that often runs to the tune of several hundred dollars. Canister vacuums, however, are widely available for a lot less. 

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