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A FREQUENT flier has revealed her flight hack that makes holiday preparation much simpler.

Karen Graham, CMO of Evite, travels a lot for work and has developed a number of methods to make life easier when she's on the road.

One of those tips is to "streamline" her beauty products by replicating the ones she uses at home.

She told Forbes that it means she doesn't have to spend any time thinking about what she needs to take.

She said: "I keep a separate travel bag full of smaller, travel-sized beauty products that mirrors what I use at home, so that I can just grab the same bag for every trip.

"It’s hard enough pre-organising outfits so it’s nice to streamline the packing of beauty products.

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Travel writer Skye Sherman has a similar packing hack to help her avoid forgetting some essential items when she goes away.

She explained that she has a "ready-to-go" toiletry bag stuffed full of medication, suncream and beauty products which sits untouched in her bathroom at home.

All the toiletries she needs for her holiday are in the bag and any liquids are under 100ml so she can take them onboard a flight if she is only using hand luggage.

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Karen also explained that the outfit she wears when flying comprises of sunglasses, a small bag, leggings and trainers.

She also packs a thin jumper and a puffer vest.

This allows her to be adapt for any changes in temperature, which can be often happen on a plane.

The jumper can also be rolled up and used as a makeshift neck pillow.

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