Jamie Oliver called ‘a*****e’ after binning Turkey Twizzlers from school lunches

After famously campaigning to give children better school meals, Jamie Oliver has revealed that he has been called an ‘a*****e’ and spat on by kids that were angry at him for Turkey Twizzlers being taken off the school much menu.

When Jamie visited a zoo recently with his children he met a young girl that told him off for the campaign.

Turkey Twizzlers were banned in school lunch halls in 2005 after Jamie made a point about them only containing 34% Turkey meat.

In response to this, Bernard Matthews unveiled a new version of the Turkey Twizzlers that contained upwards of 65% Turkey meat per Twizzler.

Jamie spoke on the 12 Questions Podcast with Fraser T Smith to say how the girl at the zoo had told her friend “he’s an a*****e” in front of Jamie's child.

She then asked him if he had tried the new Turkey Twizzlers and when he replied that he hadn’t she said: "Because they’re horrible."

As Jamie tried to downplay the severity of his actions in stealing Turkey Twizzlers from children for over a decade he told her that she probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the original Twizzlers if she wasn’t a fan of the new ones.

She replied: “No I did, and you took them, you stole them away from me.”

Jamie went on to discuss other incidents including one where he had been covered in spit after visiting a school.

He said: “I had so much DNA on my back… it was proper filth.”

The star also spoke about setting his own kitchen on fire while trying to cook some pine nuts, leading the fire brigade to mock him when they arrived to see who it was.

He confessed: “I always burn them.”

Jamie is well known for the show that led to this backlash from children, Jamie's School Dinners.

Clips from the show are famous online for the hilarity of watching Jamie try and teach children about better health.

One famous clip has Jamie showing a group of children everyone that goes into a chicken nugget, disgusting them all, but once asked if they would still eat a chicken nugget they said yes tucked in anyway.

Jamie's show enacted a lot of change within school lunch menus, infuriating Turkey Twizzler lovers all around the schoolyard.

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