Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez trying to buy New York Mets in £1.65 BILLION deal – The Sun

JENNIFER LOPEZ and husband Alex Rodriguez are poised to become the queen and king of Queens – by buying the New York Mets baseball team.

The New York Post has revealed that the celebrity couple are working closely with very senior bankers at JPMorgan Chase on a new bid to buy the Mets in a deal worth nearly £1.65 BILLION.

Their initial approach failed to turn into a home run earlier this month.

Sources say the actress-pop star and her former baseball playing partner will pump "hundreds of millions" into the takeover deal.

The Mets are owned by the Fred and Jeff Wilpon.

But they are thought to want to sell the club because they are concerned at the money they have lost with the season in stasis due to the coronavirus.

The club reportedly operates at a major loss every year and is reliant on TV revenue.

J-Lo and A-Rod  are said to be in lockdown at their luxury home in Miami, where they have put together their scheme to buy the Mets.

A person close to the deal told the Post: " “Someone has shown the Wilpons the light here.

“Some heavy hitters are getting involved here and it seems Fred and Jeff are listening.”

The couple can pump in substantial figures but are still reliant on attracting key investors to get their takeover completed – and that is why they have sought help from investment bank JP Morgan.

They are looking to put the couple in contact with a billionaire to stump up more cash.

A source said: "The money is there. A bid is coming.”

A-Rod is using his knowledge of the game to drive the deal.

He enjoyed a glittering career as shortstop and third baseman, playing for the New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.

Rather than being dependent on TV, the couple want to turn the Willets stadium into a mecca for young families, who would spend the day there.

Another source said: "With their connections, Willets could become a Wrigleyville in Queens.

"She’s made it clear that this is not a vanity project for her. She and Alex would bring star power to a franchise in our biggest market that has been sorely lacking in both.”

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