‘Jersey Shore’ Recap: JWoww & Pauly D Get Flirty & Contemplate Hooking Up In New Orleans

The moment that ‘Jersey Shore’ fans finally arrived on the show’s May 7 episode, as JWoww and Pauly D got in bed together and even contemplated hooking up!

Despite previews making it seem like Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Pauly D would hook up on the May 7 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation — things never got that far. However, they came pretty darn close! It all started during a night out as the group partied in New Orleans for Angelina Pivarnick’s bachelorette party. Pauly began getting a little touchy-feely with JWoww…and she didn’t push him away. At the time, JWoww was recently single after breaking up with boyfriend, Zack “24” Carpinello, and everyone was convinced that the hookup was finally going to happen.

“You should f*** Pauly for my party,” Angelina told Jenni. “I wanna see it.” In confessionals, both Deena Cortese and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi agreed that they’d be down for a Pauly and JWoww hookup, which also happened during the show’s first season. Pauly and Jenni were noticeably drunk as they danced together at the bar, and back at the hotel, Pauly flat-out admitted that he wanted to hookup with his roommate. “It would be like watching greatness all over again,” Vinny Guadagnino said. “It would be like if Michael Jordan decided to come back and play one more game with Scottie Pippen for old time’s sake. Ten years later. Full circle.”

Eventually, Pauly hopped into bed with JWoww and they cuddled. However, he made it clear that he did NOT want to disrespect her. JWoww admitted that she was “loving” her intimate moment with Pauly, but unfortunately, Snooki was passed out in the next bed, which prevented them from taking things any further. Meanwhile, JWoww made it clear that she was single and had officially ended things with Zack, but Pauly was still hesitant to jeopardize things in their friendship and with anything else she had going on.

Jenni appeared to give Pauly the green light to hook up with her, but he still decided not to, and she later admitted to Angelina that she also wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. She explained that she and Pauly had recently come close to hooking up during a trip to New York City, but he made the decision for it not to happen. “He shut the door on me,” JWoww explained. “We had a nice dinner together that night and then we went home together and he shut the door on me. I don’t know why.” In a confessional, she further explained, “After I filed for divorce [from Roger Mathews], I tried to re-open [mine and Pauly’s] past. He surprised me for his birthday and it just didn’t work out like that. So we decided to end it there. Obviously, that was terrible. So I really don’t know what to say. I would’ve totally went and did dirty things with Pauly.”

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