Jimmy Fallon Calls Out Mystery Object Coming From Trump’s Nose

In comedy, they say you don’t want jokes that are too on the nose, and the president just demonstrated why.

On “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon put a spotlight on a mystery projectile that apparently shot out of President Donald Trump’s schnoz during a Labor Day press conference.

“What was that! Ew! Ew,” Fallon exclaimed after rolling the clip. “People are wondering, man, was that a booger? Was it drugs? I’d like to think he was eating crackers by sticking them up his nose.”

Though, if the president is worried about future projectiles coming from his proboscis, the “Tonight Show” host has a suggestion.

“Hey you know what could’ve stopped that projectile? A mask,” Fallon quipped to the president, who’s been notoriously flippant with face coverings during the coronavirus pandemic. 

You can see it all in the clip below around the 00:26 mark, but we warn you: It’s snot for the faint of heart:



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