Kaitlyn Dever Parties at a Historic Los Angeles Mansion in ‘Booksmart’

There are grand L.A. mansions and there are grand L.A. mansions. The opulent pad where high school teens Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) inadvertently find themselves attending a pre-graduation murder mystery party in the 2019 comedy “Booksmart” falls in the latter category.

Known as the Judson C. Rives Mansion in honor of its original owner, a Louisiana transplant who made a fortune in the lumber business, the estate is located at 1130 Westchester Pl. in Los Angeles’ Country Club Park neighborhood. The two-story Italian Renaissance-style property was designed in 1913 by Alfred Rosenheim. That name should be familiar to filming location buffs and fans of “American Horror Story” alike. The architect’s famed longtime home, the Alfred Rosenheim Mansion, which coincidentally sits next door to the Rives residence, served as the so-called “Murder House” during “AHS’s” inaugural season.

Former Country Club Park Neighborhood Association president Menion L. Carr described the neighboring properties as two of “the grandest mansions ever built in the city of Los Angeles.”

Constructed at a cost of $57,670, the Rives Mansion is currently worth about $6.7 million according to Zillow. Rosenheim outfitted it with all the trappings of a palace, including an oak-paneled library, a drawing room, a solarium, brocaded silk wall coverings, a circular breakfast room with a 13-foot diameter and a dramatic bifurcated mahogany stairwell. With six bedrooms and seven baths in 7,260 square feet, the residence also features multiple fireplaces, a wraparound terrace, and a two-story, three-car garage that looks straight out of the 1954 movie “Sabrina”! 

Though now almost entirely covered over with foliage, an early unobstructed view of the mansion and its glorious brick façade can be seen here.

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