Kane Brown Talks New John Legend Collab & Promises 2 New Features That Will ‘Shock Everyone’

Kane Brown & John Legend’s new song ‘Last Time I Say Sorry’ is a must-listen! Kane spoke to HL about how the duet came to be & what it was like to work with the Legend, himself!

John Legend and Kane Brown teamed up for a bluesy and beautiful new song titled “Last Time I Say Sorry,” which they performed together for “ACM Presents: Our Country.” The two award-winning artists might sound like an unlikely duo, but the cross-genre collab is exactly what the world needed in these uncertain times. For Kane, it was a duet he didn’t think would ever happen! “I didn’t think it was ever even possible. Once they came to the table with the song, I was just so excited,” Kane told HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

Originally, Kane had the idea for John to join him on another song, but it was too similar to something the EGOT had on the way. “We decided to write together and we came up with ‘Last Time I Say Sorry,’ and just fell in love with it,” Kane explained. While the song differs from his typical country twang, he revealed that he grew up on the music of Frank Sinatra and other soulful singers. “We kind of wanted to go back into that realm,” he said. “That soulful sound, like John has, was really fun to try.”

Kane, who has collabed with both Khalid and Marshmello, teased even more genre-bending features to come on his upcoming project. “I love doing features because I don’t ever necessarily ask these artists, they just pop up and it’s never going to be a no,” he said. “Whenever they come in, it’s always so different and unexpected. That’s what I love. The next two that I have coming out soon are really going to shock people.”

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