Katie Price’s ex Kieran doesn’t want their kids following her showbiz footsteps

Katie Price 's ex husband Kieran Hayler has admitted he hopes their children don't seek out careers in the spotlight like their mum.

Kieran admits that while he will be supportive of his children in any circumstance, he hopes to steer them away from a media career.

Asked about what he thinks the youngsters will want to be when they are older, the former stripper explained: "To be honest, it’s not really a question I’ve ever asked them because it’s really difficult at this age.

"Their minds are so active anyway, so I think I wouldn’t get a straight answer. I would support them in anything they do – that’s what parents do."

He added to OK! magazine: "The trouble is that all kids want to be at the moment is YouTubers and influencers because they see all these people making shedloads of money for not doing a lot.

"It’s really difficult to steer children in another way because it’s very easy to make money from social media."

Not stopping there, Kieran continued: "With Kate as their mum, it gives them a good platform for stuff like that, but I would like the kids to do what comes to them naturally.

"It would be nice to try and steer them away from that and focus on a good education first, then let them choose what they want to do."

Daily Star Online previously revealed how Katie and Kieran are beginning to trust each other once more after their infamously break-up.

The couple tied the knot in 2013 before their marriage broke down in 2016 after Kieran cheated on Katie multiple times.

Speaking frankly about sharing the children during lockdown in May, Kieran said: "At the moment they [the children] are doing five days with me and then last week they went back to see Kate for two days so they could see her.

"I have had them for seven weeks.

"People may know this but there are no rules at the moment. The kids can't travel between parents."

Kieran, 33, continued: "I have to believe Kate is being safe because of Harvey as he is vulnerable.

"I have my nan here who is vulnerable as well.

"I have to take it that she is being safe and the kids will be safe there."

A source close to Katie added: "Katie and Kieran's focus is on building trust bridges.

"This is vital to successful joint parenting and maintaining harmony."

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