Katie Price’s son Harvey launches F-bomb rant at Carl Woods over his carrot cake

Katie Price has taken to social media to share an adorable video of her son Harvey Price.

In the clip Harvey, 18, can be seen getting protective over his beloved carrot cake

Katie's partner Carl filmed himself carrying the cake and deliberately crunching the plastic cover to make a loud noise.

Hearing Carl, Harvey could then be heard shouting off camera: "No, no!" thinking he was going to eat the cake.

Katie's buff man then tried to play innocent by simply replying: "What?"

Clearly annoyed, Harvey hit back: "Don't wind me up Carl.

"Don't f***ing touch."

Ending his joke, Carl replied: "Alright".

Adding the clip to his own pace as well as Katie's, Carl wrote: "@officialmrharveyprice Sorry Mate, I won’t touch."

The video mirrored a similar one posted last month in which Carl pulled a similar stunt.

Dropping a f-bomb once more, Harvey moaned: "No Carl it's f***ing Harvey's carrot cake."

Katie is currently trying to get her son to be more independent ahead of moving into a collage full time in September.

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Katie plans to let cameras follow the move as a sequel to her BBC documentary Harvey and Me.

The doc was showered with praise from fans who were unaware as to how hands on Katie is as a mother.

Throughout her high-profile career, Katie has learned to adapt and help Harvey grow despite his difficulties.

As well as being partially blind, Harvey suffers from prader-willi syndrome.

  • Katie Price's mum threatened to call the general medical council over her 12 boob jobs

Last weekend Katie opened up about her own close bond with her mum Amy – admitting she is such a protective parent that she's taken drastic measures to curb Katie's love of plastic surgery.

Katie told The Times: "A lot of people are scared of my mum because she can be quite full-on.

"She’s a very protective, loving mum who’ll do anything for her kids and mine.

"She’s the person I turn to first if I’ve got a problem because I know she’ll do everything in her power to get it sorted."

Going into detail about how far her mum has gone to keep her safe at times, Katie added: "Now I don’t tell her what I’ve done until I’ve woken up because I know she’ll call the surgeon.

"In the past, she’s gone, 'If you operate on my daughter I’m reporting you to the GMC.' She’s like that with all of us [siblings]."

Katie had her first boob job way back in 1998.

Her most recent op was at the end of 2020 when she jetted to Belgium for corrective surgery.

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