Kevin Hart Recalls Kobe Bryant Dominating at Basketball Camp: He Showed Me 'I Did Not Have Talent'

Kevin Hart is remembering the time he spent in basketball camp with the late Kobe Bryant — and when Hart realized “just wasn’t good” at the sport.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday, the host asked the 41-year-old actor about when he gave up his dream of being a pro basketball player.

“You didn’t always dream of being a comedian, I read somewhere that at one point you thought you might play pro basketball,” Fallon said. “And that dream ended in one specific moment — do you remember what happened?”

“I stopped growing, Jimmy. If you want to be honest, that's one of the reasons,” 5-foot-4 Hart joked in response, before revealing that Bryant also played a part in him realizing basketball wasn’t for him.

“But also I went to basketball camp with Kobe Bryant,” he continued. “When I went to the camp with Kobe Bryant — this is when I realized that I was not good when I saw how good Kobe was.”

Hart went on to share that Bryant, who died in a tragic helicopter crash in January alongside his daughter Gianna and seven others, played left-handed the entire camp, and still managed to dominate the others.

“And I just wasn’t good, man, I just wasn’t good and I was mad at myself because I sold myself this dream and this dream wasn’t a reality because this man played left handed,” Hart told Fallon. “Kobe Bryant showed me that I did not have talent in a game that I thought that I did.”

Hart previously opened up about attending the Speedy Morris’ LaSalle basketball camp with Bryant as teenagers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to USA Today.

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Hart also said that he and Bryant shared a dorm room with others at the camp in the Fallon interview.

"We had a blast," Hart recalled. "It was an overnight camp and you're kids, all the silliness that normally ensues, ensued — late-night pranks, and sneaking into other people's dorms, and fighting with the other campers. We did all that stuff."

“It was just funny because as time progressed I saw Kobe transform into the machine that he was and that he will forever be remembered as,” the comedian added.

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