Kevin Smith Says Harvey Weinstein Screwed Robin Williams Over on Good Will Hunting Pay

The late comedian reportedly had a lucrative back-end deal with Miramax.

Harvey Weinstein pulled “Good Will Hunting” from theaters early to avoid paying Robin Williams more money, according to a new book.

Kevin Smith, who acted as an executive producer on the 1997 Oscar-winning film, claims in his new work titled “Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash” that the disgraced Hollywood producer made the decision to steer clear of a lucrative back-end deal with the late comedian.

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“The deal that they’d made with Robin was a high-percentage first-dollar gross — a movie-star deal — and it was great, because instantly by putting Robin in the movie their pre-sales paid for the whole f—— film.” Smith explained while discussing the book with The Daily Beast.

“He’d get a bigger percentage if it crossed $100 million, so every dollar the movie made at the theatrical box office would have to be split — I’m not sure if it was a 50/50 split — with Robin Williams.”

He went on to say he felt “weird” the day “Good Will Hunting” was leaving the theaters, especially since it had such incredible Oscar buzz.

“They did it because keeping it in theaters meant that more of the money would go to Robin, whereas the moment it went to video the split wasn’t Robin-heavy. It was hamstrung because greed.”

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The film would go on to make $225 million at the box office and win an Oscar for Williams as Best Supporting Actor and one for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for Best Original Screenplay.

Smith also dished on how Weinstein still owed him money from the films they made together before Miramax was sold off after Weinstein was convicted of rape. As a form of vindication, he recalled to the outlet how his last words to Weinstein were “f— you” at the premiere of 2011’s “Red State.”

“And I remember being terrified that he was just gonna come through that curtain and f—— punch me in the face. For all that he was, and all that we know he is now, he was also a very large man, and he could be the screamiest person you’ve ever met in your life.”

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