Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 4 Fashion Recap: Another Death in the Family

It’s yet another rough morning for Eve, who spent the night on the office couch. Whether she’s running behind or just didn’t care, her coworkers look on as she brushes her teeth pantless and digs her hand into a box of Cocoa Puffs that isn’t hers. And her attempts to pull herself together only make things worse; when Eve does put on pants, a coworker points out that her dirty underwear is hanging out of one of the legs. She remains focused, but he’s more fixated on what the smell is when she raises her arms to pull back her hair. 

And then, a package arrives. Seeing that it’s from a bakery, the rest realize it must be Eve’s birthday. Meanwhile, Eve is smiling, but clearly perplexed. Only two people could have sent it—let alone remembered her birthday—and odds are, it isn’t from Niko, who’s still MIA. Realizing that, in any case, it’ll be too emotional to open up in the office, Eve heads for the roof. She sets the box up on a chair and opens it so cautiously, it might as well be a bomb.

It’s a birthday cake, alright. And there’s no mistaking who sent it, given that it’s shaped just like the double-decker bus, where Eve last encountered Villanelle. For a few seconds, Eve is silent, taking it in in shock. And then, on a whim, she passionately lobs it down to the parking lot below—a perverse repeat of how Kenny met his demise atop that same rooftop. 

Just like at Kenny’s memorial, it falls upon Jamie to recognize that Eve’s flailing. He comes to inquire whether it’s really her birthday—and if so, how it felt to wake up on the office couch. Cut to his apartment—Eve’s temporary new home—where the pair are sitting on the floor in sweats, drinking beers and arguing over who’s a worse human. 

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve

Back in Barcelona, Villanelle has a visitor. She’s wearing a pink, cherry-printed Bernadette Peignoir robe with a ribbon braided through her hair when Dasha shows up, asking if the cake Villanelle is decorating with maraschino cherries is for her. There’s no need to clarify that it’s actually for—or in homage to—Eve; Villanelle was just muttering “so not over me” while admiring her reflection in the mirror. But soon, she’s distracted. Dasha tells her she got a promotion, which naturally means it’s time to go shopping. 

Just like in the premiere, when she got married wearing head-to-toe black, Villanelle is in sheer Simone Rocha. Her arms full of shopping bags, she’s peering into yet another store window when Konstantin startles her, getting his revenge. “What got you in such a good mood?,” he asks, and the news that it’s Eve’s birthday prompts him to share that Niko, Eve’s husband, has flown the coop. It’s reason enough for her to head back to work, suiting up in safari gear to kill a woman while tending her garden. 

As it turns out, Villanelle isn’t the only violent, fashionable younger woman in Dasha’s circle. The newcomer—played by Camille Cottin from Mouche, aka the French Fleabag—shows up while Dasha is swimming, and immediately demands why Villanelle is still “pursuing her agent friend.” Faced with the threat of being sent home to Russia, Dasha offers to kill Eve herself. “No, this will cause too many other problems,” the woman responds. “Just drive a wedge between them. I don’t care how. Use your imagination.”

So, Dasha heads to Poland. “The mustache,” who’s wearing a flannel, looks perfectly at home while chopping wood, just as his chic, babushka-wearing neighbor asked. It’s Dasha, of course, and she doesn’t look at all surprised to see Eve show up at the same moment she goes in for the kill. Eve and Niko spot each other for the first time in weeks, and are seconds away from reuniting when Dasha hurls a pitchfork at his neck. Eve doesn’t see her, and we never see her reunite with Niko either. Instead, she crumples, watching him die from afar as he gasps for breath.

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