Kylie Jenner's First Day of School Outfit for Stormi Webster Will Grab Any Teacher's Attention

Stormi Webster kicked off home school in style with a $12,000 Hermes backpack. See what else mom Kylie Jenner had in store.

Going back to school has never been more stylish. 

As so many parents can relate to, Kylie Jenner started off her morning by preparing her daughter, Stormi Webster, for school. But instead of taking the 2-year-old to a campus with classrooms, friends and a playground, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star prepared for a special day of home school.

In an Instagram post shared on Sept. 30, Stormi was spotted wearing a black dress with diamond earrings and Air Jordans.

As for that fabulous backpack, the Internet did some research and discovered it looked awfully similar to the pink Hermes Togo Kelly Ado backpack, which reportedly retails for $12,000.

"First day of home schooooool," Kylie wrote on her Instagram Stories as her daughter posed in front of a Mercedes-Benz.

For the past several months of the coronavirus pandemic, Kylie and Stormi have been social distancing together in their Southern California home where they've been occupied with a variety of at-home activities.

"I have bought her every single outdoor Troll you could imagine," Kylie revealed in an Instagram Live with BFF Stassie Karanikolaou. "She has bouncy houses out there. Water toys. She has been in the pool every day. I got a slip n slide but its not here yet though. I got everything. She has been outside every day just living her best life." 

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first day of schooooool 🖤📝

A post shared by Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner) on

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first day of schooooool 🖤📝

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And fortunately, many of those activities can continue once the school bell rings. Until then, class is in session.

Keep scrolling to see how other celebrity families are kicking off a unique school year.

It's time for homeschool! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shows off her daughter's first day of school attire. 

"@meilanimathews first day of 1st grade," the Jersey Shore star shared on Instagram. "I wasn't ready." 

"Another semester of distance learning…I'm sorry to miss your first day, my Carmen Gabriela. Thank you @violetgaynor for stepping in and making it special while I am away at the hospital with the new baby," the proud mom shared on Instagram. "Ps…love that she needs her handbag for going to school at home."

"First day of school!" The Bachelor member shared online. "We've been looking forward to this for a long time. Their instructor ensures us they'll both know how to sit, stay and heel by the time they're done. So exciting!"

"First Day Of School…The World Is Yours kid," the rapper shared online with a rare photo of Adonis. 

"Our Novalee, how are you this big already?" the Teen Mom OG star wrote on Instagram. "Man what they say is so true.. The days are long but the years go by sooooo fast! Have a great day baby girl." 

"A couple days late and my sad signs didn't survive the humidity or enthusiasm," the actress wrote on Instagram. "BUT, Monday marked their second week of kindergarten and pre-k IRL in GC and the first day of Zoom Kindergarten for Hops at her school in LA. Happy back-to-school, whatever that means to you!"

"First day of 2nd and 3rd grade for these two kiddos," the proud mom shared on Instagram. "Ace has a busted lip and Maxi has a busted chin. Finished the summer out strong #MAXIDREW #ACEKNUTE." 

"First day of school after the world's longest summer," the Real Housewives of Orange County star shared on Instagram. "#firstdayofschool #yestheyleftthehouse #hazelsnothappy #kindergarten #2ndgrade." 

"Online learning here we come!! #backtoschool," the actress shared from her Los Angeles home. 

The NBA superstar celebrated his eldest son journey to the Brewster Academy on Instagram. "I'm excited for him to go on this journey of life," he wrote. 

"Our #Senior @nataliabryant #12thgrade #distancelearning #backtoschool #KobeBryantDay," the proud mom wrote online. 

"Guess who started college today??! My sweet @arianabiermann I can't believe it!!" Kim Zolciak-Biermann shared on Instagram. "Where did the time go? She opted to stay in GA and not attend ASU due to Covid. I'm over the moon about it! The entire family is actually!!" 

"Can't believe how big our babies are getting… Another first day of school in the books," the Rascal Flatts member shared on Instagram. "Anyone else snapping first day pics this week? #DeMarcusFamilyRules."

"@acetucker had to get prepared for the first day of school at the kitchen table!" the Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared online. "A little meditation! I love this kid! Have a great and blessed Monday!"

"Aden and Ariah's thoughts of going #backtoschool are clearly different," The Real co-host joked on Instagram. "#momlife #herewego." 

"1st day of 3rd grade," the Teen Mom 2 star shared on Instagram. 

"It's official… we have a first grader," the Kittenish founder wrote on Instagram. "They say it goes by fast and they were not wrong. It feels like yesterday I was holding her in my arms at the hospital looking at her beautiful little face. She sure is growing into an incredible young lady. I'm so proud of her #firstgrader." 

"I thought for sure my teaching days were over in 2002 when I pulled away from the last high school I taught at as a Spanish Teacher and was excited about a new journey….Law School," the Real Housewives of Orange County star shared on Instagram. "18 years later and I'm sitting at my dining room table trying to teach kindergarten to two 5 year old boys for free. Well played universe." 

"School is a little different this year," the Bachelor Nation star shared on Instagram as her daughter sported Gap Kids. "Here's to 1st GRADE my love." 

"Wearing mask, and following all of the strict social distancing rules going into this school year is crazy, but necessary, and honestly… nothing is CRAZIER then the fact that I have a freaking 7th GRADER," the actress wrote online. "Me and Ivey are already counting down the minutes until we can go pick her up, we are lost without her." 

"First day of pre-k for my handsome Bubby boy!" the singer-songwriter shared with her fans. "My creative, mischievous, sweet soul is ready to conquer the world! #prek." 

"FIRST DAY of Kindergarten and 6th Grade!" the Teen Mom OG star wrote while sharing a picture of Amber Portwood's daughter Leah. 

"These are the faces I get when I say time for #homeschool again…Anyone else?" the fashion designer wrote online. 

"Me attempting to be a 'distance learning' teacher followed by the as per usual first day of school pics," the Real Housewives of Orange County star wrote online. "What an interesting time!!! Hope ur all hanging in there #firstdayofschool #2020." 

"It's a big day when your kids start school. Like bittersweet. Time just flies, they grow up so quickly I mean it was yesterday I bathed them in the kitchen sink," the Million Dollar Listing star shared on Instagram. "Today they wore their little backpacks and held hands visiting their first school and meeting the teachers and new friends. Somehow I could see into the not so far future and them graduating. It's inevitable—and exiting—but all so soon."

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