Lady Gaga's Dogs Got So Much Attention Because Jussie Smollett is Running the FBI, Don Jr. Wildly Claims

Also, he asserted we shouldn’t be focusing on just the “one day” of the Capitol riots.

What does Lady Gaga’s dognapping and the Capitol Hill riots have in common? They are both undeserving of so much FBI attention, according to a rather confusing rant by Donald Trump Jr.

The former President’s oldest son posted a video on Rumble (which is to YouTube what Parler is to Twitter) on Monday morning, lambasting the Bureau for basing its investigations on a “woke playbook”.

“Guys, what the hell is going on with the FBI?” he demanded. “The crown jewel of American law enforcement seems to be totally woke at this point. They seem incompetent, at least from the leadership down who’s making these decisions.”

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“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say FBI leadership was taking direction from CNN’s Jeff Zucker, and Jussie Smollett as an advisor.”

Wearing a T-shirt advertising shotgun ammo, he claimed that Americans should be “disgusted” by what the FBI chooses to focus on, and what it chooses to ignore.

“Lady Gaga’s missing dogs merit total attention from the FBI — I understand this guys, I’m a dog owner and a dog lover myself; if something were to happen to my dogs I would feel terrible.”

“I don’t believe that would rise to the level of the FBI after watching ten months of looting, arson, rioting, death, mayhem, across our cities.”

The 43-year-old, whose father was impeached for a record second time for incitement of insurrection, was utterly confused as to how investigators were obsessing over things as relatively inconsequential as Bubba Wallace’s garage door pull, two of Lady Gaga three French Bulldogs, and the storming of the U.S. Capitol that left five dead (although he did accept that a terrible event like January 6 did merit “some” of their attention.)

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“Why is it that… and while they should be investigating the capitol rioters, why is it that all the attention is focused on one day, but not on the prior ten months? Is there a narrative that I’m missing here?” he asked.

“Again, it feels like Jussie Smollett is calling the shots at our nation’s highest level of law enforcement.”

He asserted that while everyone who is a criminal should be prosecuted, “we shouldn’t be going by some sort of woke playbook,” and went on to claim that extremists from BLM and Antifa were killing people in the streets and causing billions of dollars worth of damage.

Trump Jr. claimed his “door-kicker” friends at the FBI are mad as hell at the direction coming down from Smollett and co.

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