Learner drivers who fail test have to wait longer to rebook in new rule change

Learners who fail their test now have to wait longer to book a new attempt after one rule change.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced the change today (March 30).

It said to "help improve pass rates" among learners looking to pass their tests.

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The news comes as data shows 53% of learners are failing their driving tests.

In fact, examiners are having to intervene for safety reasons in one in eight tests, according to the DVSA.

The agency said it's a clear sign the majority of learners aren't ready to either take the test or drive safely without help.

It includes "extending the time those who fail their test to have to wait before booking another from 10 to 28 days".

A press release added: "This will give learners more time to practice between tests."

Another change is "extending the period during which a cancelled car test will result in a lost fee from 3 to 10 days".

It will encourage learners to give DVSA more notice when cancelling to give others an opportunity of booking.

These changes are due to come into effect from this summer.

A consultation on extending the booking period resulted in 37.1% of approved driving instructors.

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Most industry organisations were also "supportive" and agreed with the proposals.

And a total of 42.8% of learners said this measure would encourage them to only book when they're ready.

Even if waiting times were reduced, that statistic is compared to 42.2% who said it wouldn't change their behaviour.

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