L'Epée Takes Flight With $30,000 USD Desk Clock

Clockmaker L’Epée has built the ultimate aviation-themed desk clock with an eight-day movement you adjust by turning the radiator.

Built into a 1930s-style airframe of brass and stainless steel, Time Flies is being produced in four different colorways, each limited to 99 pieces.

The time is displayed with hours and minutes on two black PVD-coated cylinders that also form the front of the fuselage, while the unique movement’s escapement beats in the cockpit. The 3kg clock can either stand on its three-point landing gear or a detachable stand, secured with a latch.

L’Epée’s own aviation credentials are solid, with the company having produced a wall clocks for Concorde.

Time Flies is out now via L’Epée retailers, priced CHF 27,500 ($30,550 USD).

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