Lexus Fuels Creative Conversation with Virtual Interiors by Salehe Bembury for the LF-Z Electrified

Last month, Lexus made waves in the car industry by unveiling an electric concept car that represents an innovative new chapter for the brand. Called the LF-Z Electrified, the new vehicle shows off more than its steadfast mission of ushering in a new generation of innovative automobiles; it also marks a tectonic shift in the way the company engages with the evolving lifestyles and values of consumers.

Taking this pivotal moment as an opportunity to embed itself into the cultural conversation beyond the auto space, Lexus is fueling thought-provoking conversation by tapping a collective of respected creatives — each of whom represents a different aspect of the vehicle — to conceptualize virtual interiors for the new car. First up is footwear designer Salehe Bembury, who has cut through the noise of the fashion industry by focusing on design inspired by the future without skimping on color and content that brings joyfulness to the wearer, a forward-thinking mindset he shares with Lexus.

 The goal was to bring the same benefits that nature has for the mind, body and soul into the car. The endless contours of the wood grain act as a metaphor for the journey that the passengers are about to embark on.

Similar to his shoe designs, like the highly popular bright orange New Balance 2002r and Anta SB-02 sneakers, Bembury pulled from his love of the outdoors in creating interiors for the Lexus LF-Z Electrified. For Bembury, joy is found in the peace of nature, and that feeling of zen comes through in textures inspired by a meeting of the natural and the manmade.  He applied this to the car’s open and minimalist interior, offering a vibrant spin on its already human-centric design. “I want this car to feel like a seamless juxtaposition of machine and nature,” says Bembury. “Equally utilizing the function of the machine and the benefits and nature to fuel and nurture the passengers to their destination.”

The addition of the synthetic material to the interior is a conversation of balance, given that the majority of the interior is made of organic materials. Despite the contrast in material, the color palette used creates a cohesion where the transition dissolves.

More than just a play on color, the idea brings the outside in, taking sustainability and futurism to a new level by setting aside traditional materials in favor of natural ones. Altogether, it serves as a symbol of Lexus and Bembury’s shared dedication to conscious design that matches the tastes and social values of the user. Like the Lexus LF-Z Electrified, the concept challenges the idea of what might be possible for a car interior and acts as a primer for a new era of electrified vehicles from Lexus.

Cork has a memory foam-esque cushioning capability while achieving a consistent meditative pattern. This design celebrates the form of the car seat by keeping it raw. The steering wheel is crafted from stone, an organic material which has been polished to a high shine for an elevated feel.

Bembury’s Lexus LF-Z Electrified interiors concept is part of a series from different creatives in the fashion and art space. Stay tuned to HYPEBEAST to see how designer Hender Scheme and artist Ondrej Zunka envision the future of car design. Head to the Lexus website to learn more about the LF-Z Electrified.
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