Lidl warns shoppers of buying restrictions as food shortage fears continue to grow

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As coronavirus guidance from the government continues to change, some shoppers have been stocking up on essential items. Lidl has issued a warning for customers who are stockpiling.

During the first wave of the coronavirus, social distancing rules led to limits on how many customers could shop at one time.

Buying restrictions were also briefly introduced as some customers started to bulk-buy.

In particular, some shoppers stashed essential items such as toilet rolls, pasta and tins.

Supermarkets introduced rationing to ensure they did not run out of essential products and to stop customers buying what they did not need.

While many supermarket rules have relaxed, the government advice on dealing with the pandemic is constantly changing.

Local lockdowns have been imposed in various areas all across the UK.

This has caused panic buying once again and some shoppers have filled their trolleys with basic items.

Lidl has given a warning as it urges customers to only buy what they need.

While the discount supermarket chain has not had any shortages yet, it is prepared in case it does happen.

In a statement, the retailer explained individual store managers have the power to introduce buying restrictions if necessary.

A spokesperson stated: “We want to reassure our customers that we are not currently experiencing any product shortages and have good availability in our stores.

“We hope all customers remain mindful of others when shopping with us to ensure everyone continues to have access to the products they need.

“Nonetheless, it is at our store managers discretion, should customers start to bulk-buy, to limit the purchasing of specific items at that store.”

If customers were to start stockpiling certain products, Lidl managers could introduce restrictions.

Other supermarket chains have recently brought in rationing on essential items.

Morrisons confirmed buying limits on a small number of products including toilet toll and disinfectant.

Customers are only allowed to buy a maximum of three of these products at one time.

Tesco has also introduced rationing on toilet roll, with some stores only allowing customers to buy one pack at a time.

A notice stated: “Due to availability issues toilet roll is currently restricted to one per customer.”

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