Lifesaving tool lets you charge your device using someone elses phone battery

There's nothing more frustrating than running out of phone battery, especially when you're miles away from the nearest plug socket.

If your phone dies on you while you're camping in the woods or at a festival and you don't have a portable charger, you're left with few options.

Luckily there's a lifesaving battery charging feature built into tons of smartphones that could just help you out.

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It's called reverse wireless charging and it basically lets you charge one device by drawing power from the battery of another without any cables needed.

If your device supports wireless charging (as most iPhones and Androids do), all you need is a friend whose phone has the reverse charging feature.

On Samsung devices it's called Wireless PowerShare but it's also present on many other phones including Huawei.

To use it all you have to do is place the back of your device against the back of the phone in question.

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Once it connects you should get a notification on screen that your device is charging. It will sap power from the other phone for as long as you need, enabling you to recharge without using a charging cable or a power socket.

Just make sure that it's enabled in your phone settings and try not to take too much power—after all, the device that's charging the other has its own battery life to maintain.

It doesn't just work on phones but also on smartwatches, earbuds and more that support wireless charging. So, if your earbuds die on you one day, you could just charge them up using your smartphone in minutes.


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