Lily Allen faces major backlash from fans after publicly shaming pizza company

Singer Lily Allen is being slammed on Instagram for publicly bashing a local pizza company after saying she was 'not impressed' with her order.

The 36-year-old shared a snap of the pizza to her 1.5million fans on Sunday night with the caption 'Not impressed tbh' before tagging the brand Pizza Pilgrims.

The Smile hit maker immediately faced a slew of criticism from shocked followers who told the star "A post like this could end them".

One follower message the singer saying: “Brutal to this business, publicly shaming them, yikes!”

Allen then engaged with a series of back-and-forth messages with the disgruntled follower and posted a screenshot of the conversation.

Lily then replied defiantly: “They shouldn't be in the business of making pizzas if this is what their dishing out. I paid for it, I'm well within my right to express my displeasure.'”

To which the follower reminding the star that her influence could get the business closed down after a tough year surviving the lockdowns on Covid: “Totally, but you've got 1.1million followers with a lot of influence. Not to mention they're probably trying to get back on their feet off the back of lockdowns and such. Maybe an inbox to their Instagram would be enough, a post like this could end them.”

But the spat only continued as Lily refused to back down and accused the fan of being sexist after correcting the amount of followers she has: “1.5 million. And I think you're actually more interested in telling a woman that she shouldn't express her opinions than you are about this particular business. I get it, all the time, and I know it when I see it. Ask yourself if you'd tell a bloke the same?”

Later she posted another Story which read: 'If you think I shouldn't complain about s**t on my platform, block, restrict or unfollow me. The world is annoying as f**k sometimes, and I'm not here for all that ass kissing cloutathon nonsense. If you can't call out a s**t pizza on here we're all doomed.

Lily recently marked her one year anniversary with her husband David Harbour with a slew of throwback snaps earlier this month.

Among the images shared to Instagram were previously unseen pictures of her daughters Ethel, nine, and Marnie, eight, as bridesmaids, with the pair looking adorable in ruffled peach dresses.

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