Lineker hits out at 'tone deaf' Klopp as Liverpool boss accuses pundits of 'winding up' fans with Super League coverage

GARY LINEKER has hit out at Jurgen Klopp for being 'spectacularly tone deaf' over the European Super League fallout.

The Liverpool boss was further asked his thoughts following the fierce backlash and collapse of the money-making farce.

A hundred or so angry Liverpool fans protested against their American owners before kick-off against Newcastle on Saturday afternoon.

Arsenal and Chelsea supporters protested outside their stadiums while a group of Manchester United fans also blocked the player's access to the Carrington training ground – all in protest against the ESL plans.

Klopp was eager to remind supporters that the blame lies only at the feet of the owners while asking the public to 'calm down' with their opinions.

He told BT Sport: "It hurts a lot because the thing is, our owners made a mistake.

"What I didn't like is… and the Leeds supporters were a good example, they went in on us.

"We had nothing to do with it, we are just the faces of the club. We had no idea, we didn't even know about it and that is really important, don't forget that.

"It was representatives of Liverpool Football Club you have to make the difference.

"When I see the pictures now, Chelsea fans and Arsenal fans yesterday, I really think you all have to calm down.

"People are talking about it all day, it's winding people up.

"We are in a pandemic, people are out there without face masks and shouting their opinions out.

"All the pundits have to calm down because yes, nobody wanted it definitely, but now let's deal with it and not constantly show we're against it.

"That's clear now, they learned a lesson and just relax now a little bit, We have to carry on."

Lineker was far from impressed with Klopp's reasoning and believes the fans have every right to continue making their voices heard.

He fired back on Twitter: "A handful of owners try to tear our game apart and may well try to do so again, and we’re just told to ‘calm down and move on’.

"Huge admirer of Klopp but he’s spectacularly tone deaf here.

"Without the fans of our beautiful game it would be much uglier today."

And BT Sport host Jake Humphrey remained in agreement with Lineker, demanding fans continue to fight for the game.

He responded: "I like Jurgen. But couldn’t disagree with this more.

"Silence now is the one thing that guarantees no change.

"Keep talking…it’s our game and we are all entitled to fight for it."

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