‘Listen to Your Heart’ Couples Switch Partners, 1 Person Alleges Sabotage

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart has officially entered hot mess territory. Couples shifted during the Monday, May 4, episode, and one contestant claimed she was sabotaged by an opponent.

Chris Harrison announced three pairs would be going on dates, but they would be partnered up with unexpected people. The couples changed to: Jamie and Ryan, Chris and Rudi, and Julia and Brandon. Most duos were not worried about the outings changing their connections. Julia assured Sheridan that she didn’t think her feelings toward him would be altered by her date with Brandon, and Brandon told Savannah the same thing.

Rudi feared Natascha would make a move on Matt while she was away, but her jealousy was unfounded. She and Chris formed a better friendship during their date, while Ryan and Jamie agreed to still be pals despite their brief fling earlier in the season.

During Julia’s date, however, she expressed that it would be wrong not to pursue Brandon if their feelings were still present. She realized she was falling for him and they kissed as she resolved that she wanted to “end up with Brandon.” Additionally, she declared that she had “no regrets” about her decision.

Back at the mansion, Julia broke the news to Sheridan, who didn’t take it so well. He reasoned that she was not The One and she wanted to continue pursuing guys that were wrong for her. As such, Sheridan left the show.

Brandon took a different approach to sharing the development with Savannah. He admitted he still had feelings for Julia and accused Savannah of only being 95 percent “in” their relationship. Brandon told Savannah that he chose her and hoped to make it work with her, but she was over it. After she walked away from their discussion, he approached her again later to see if she wanted to try again, but she told him she didn’t want to be his second choice.

Savannah exited of her own accord, and Brandon paired up with Julia. Everyone else decided to stick with their previous duet partners.

Natascha questioned Brandon about whether he would have stayed with Savannah if she had been willing to remain in the competition. He said yes, which Natascha told Julia shortly before their performance. Julia didn’t believe her but, nevertheless, blamed her for being manipulative before they went onstage. Brandon also claimed to Julia that he never “definitively” said he would’ve picked Savannah over her.

Julia later confronted Natascha, who said that she didn’t intend to throw off Julia before her performance. Natasha finally told Julia the moment was not about her.

Scroll to see how the performances went — according to judges Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo, Toni Braxton and Andy Grammer — and who was sent home.

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