Lord’s Taverners offer home activity hubs to help disadvantaged and disabled young people stay active

Lord’s Taverners has launched three online hubs to help disadvantaged and disabled young people stay active during the coronavirus pandemic.

The charity runs three programmes: ‘Wicketz’, for people aged 8-19 living in deprived communities; ‘Super 1s’, which offers people with a disability aged 12-25 the chance to play regular, competitive cricket; and ‘Table Cricket’, an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table and specially designed to give young people with a disability.

However, with all three programmes currently suspended due to COVID-19, Lord’s Taverners is finding new ways to engage with participants and their parents or carers.

Wicketz | Super 1s | Table Cricket

The goal is to offer people who are now unable to take part in regular weekly cricket activity the chance to try exercises, challenges and tasks in their own home.

The online hubs also include useful links on subjects like mental health and how best to keep both your mind and body active during lockdown.

Karen, mum of Bexley Super 1s participant, Lewis Williams, said: “Young people like my son Lewis normally have limited access to a group that accept each other without judgement and he has been missing his once weekly catch-up, social and practice.

“For this reason I think the activity booklet is a wonderful idea, not only giving our youngsters the incentive to find a constructive activity but also a way of reconnecting them with their friends.”

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