Love Nordic noir? Try streaming these 5 Scandi comedy series on Netflix

If you thought Nordic TV was all doom and gloom, you’d better think again… 

People tend to assume that every single TV show that hails from Scandinavian shores is always dark and disturbing; after all, the Nordic noir genre is famous for its ability to hook viewers with its gritty and unsettling storylines.

However, there’s far more to Scandi TV than tales of troubled detectives, corrupt politicians, and twisted serial killers. Obviously there is. 

And, with the much-anticipated Anxious People and Dancing Queens due to hit Netflix later this year, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there’s a growing appetite for good Scandi comedies. 

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With that in mind, then, here are five compelling Nordic shows on Netflix that want nothing more than to make you laugh. Hard.


Boasting five successful seasons, this is the Danish comedy series that’s won fans all over the world. Rita (Mille Dinesen) is the sort of teacher that students love; she’s quirky, she’s unapologetic, she’s fiercely funny. 

Away from the classroom, though, she’s struggling; she can’t connect with her own children, she finds it difficult talking to other adults, she smokes like a chimney, and she uses casual sex as an escape – despite her lovesick headmaster’s attempts to forge a lasting, committed relationship with her.

Bonus Family

Bonus Family picked up a Kristallen award in 2017 for Best TV Drama, and no wonder. 

Following a new couple, their exes, and their children as they navigate the many tricky logistics of modern family life, people have piled praise on Bonus Family for being funny, realistic, and oddly tragic, all at once.

Love And Anarchy

Love & Anarchy is available to stream on Netflix now.

In this intriguing Scandi dramedy, a married consultant and a young IT technician assign each other challenges that question societal norms in a flirtatious game. 

However, as they begin to embrace their liberating new world, things soon begin to spiral out of control, leading to unintended consequences…


A spin-off of the aforementioned Rita, Hjørdis follows lovable school teacher Hjørdis as she tries to put together a school play about bullying, featuring a cast of socially-awkward students. 

Naturally, laughs ensue.

Home For Christmas

Home For Christmas boasts a 91% ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The festive hit of 2019, this Norwegian series serves up big Bridget Jones vibes and then some! 

The story is simple: Johanne (Ida Elise Broch) is a 30-something nurse, and she’s sick of being the only single one at Christmas. 

Cue her scrambling to find a boyfriend to bring home for 24 December – with surprising results.

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