Makeup artist recreate celebrity looks becomes an internet sensation

Now, that’s a lockdown look! Make-up artist unable to work spends up to 12 hours transforming her face into celebrities and optical illusions

  • Nicky Hill, 27, from Greater Manchester went viral with her celebrity looks 
  • She impeccably recreated Angelina Jolie, Cher and Boris Johnson for her fans  
  • Her fans are begging her to give makeup lessons after grew following to 15,000 

A talented make-up artist has become an internet sensation after spending up to 12 hours a day transforming herself into celebrities and sharing her jaw-dropping creations online.

Nicky Hill, 27, has recreated the recognisable features of celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Adele and former US President Donald Trump on her own face during lockdown.

As well as creating amazing celebrity transformations, she has used her free time in lockdown to create Halloween-inspired looks and optical illusions on her face.

She has used her own face as a ‘blank canvas’ to create the stunning masterpieces using incredible shading and contouring techniques.

Nicky, who has been unable to work due to Covid restrictions, has racked up a huge online following after wowing fans with her creations when she posted them to social media.

Videos of Nicky’s creations have been viewed thousands of times and she has almost doubled her Instagram following to nearly 15,000. 

Nicky Hill, 27, from Greater Manchester, has recreated the recognisable features of celebs such as Angelina Jolie, pictured, Adele and former US President Donald Trump on her own face during lockdown.

Using her face as a ‘blank canevas,’ Nicky is able to turn herself into anyone she chooses, including singer Cher, pictured

As well as celebrities, Nicky specialises in optical illusions and 3D makup, like this banana peel look

She said: ‘It was mainly being in lockdown that made me want to get into it.

‘I have always been artistic and creative and I have been a makeup artist for seven years and then suddenly I couldn’t do it anymore because of lockdown.

‘I was so lost, I felt myself getting bored and depressed, I was just sat in my room and staring at four walls all day.

‘I thought I’m going to get back into it and see what I can come up with.

Nicky as Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The makeup artist went out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic and turned to graphic makeup and celebrity impersonation to pass the time 

The artist’s scary clown creation, inspired by the clown Pennywise in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It 

Nicky started posting pictures of her look on Instagram after getting encouragements from her boyfriend (pictured: a vivid optical illusion look)

‘My boyfriend said “you’re sitting on a talent, get it done”. I started posting them and it took off.’

Nicky, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Gtr Manchester, starts off with a photograph of the celebrity whose face she wants to imitate.

After carefully studying their bone structure and face shape, she then goes to work on her creation and can spend all day in front of the mirror.

She then uses shading and contouring to replicate their bone structure and create the illusion that her face shape has completely changed.

Seeing double? Nicky, who’s racked up a following of nearly 15,000 online, does mesmerising optical illusion makeup 

Nicky’s natural face without any make-up. Unable to work during the pandemic, she decided to take her creativity in a new direction and spent up to 12 hours at a time creating her elaborate looks  

Nicky, who creates the amazing transformations sitting on her bed in her dad’s house, added: ‘I always try to find one with good lighting and look for pictures that have shading in certain areas so I can recreate it on my face.

‘It’s all about the lighting, shade and detailing. I’ll watch videos of them and try to adapt their facial expressions to mine.

‘The Cher one took me nine hours to complete, the Mrs Doubtfire one took me 12 hours.

‘My first attempt, Angelina Jolie, took me around three hours and when I uploaded it, it just went viral.

‘I do it all in one go. I live with dad and he will bring me up brews throughout the day and I won’t move until it’s done.’

Nicky says her favourite transformations are Nurse Midred Ratched from the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest and a Robin Williams medley including a Mrs Doubtfire wig.

Some of her optical illusions include an extended mouth open with a tongue sticking out and making it look like she has two faces.

Nicky added: ‘I loved Mrs Doubtfire, I loved Robin Williams. I grew up with him on my tv. He was such a lovely, cheery person, his face was one of my favourites to do.

‘It was my way of doing something nice in his memory.

‘I had a few messages from Donald Trump supporters saying I was mocking him, but he’s a person there to be mocked. He’s in the public eye.

Nicky as Donald Trump. She revealed fans of the former US president complained she was ‘mocking him’ with the look

Having gone viral during lockdown since starting her account in 2020, Nicky, pictured working on an unfinished look, said the response from fans had been amazing 

‘He isn’t someone I agree with at all, but his make up was quite fun to do.’

Her amazing creations have gone viral during lockdown and Nicky has had messages from around the world from people staggered at the transformations.

Nicky has taken on a job as a ward receptionist at a hospital while salons are closed, but she is looking forward to returning to work once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

And her big dream is to work on film sets doing makeup and special effects for the actors.

She added: ‘The reaction has been amazing, I’ve had messages from people in America and people have seen me in the shops saying they’ve seen my videos.

‘I’ve had so many messages from people asking if I’d do makeup lessons or tutorials for them. People love it, they’ve never seen anything like it.

‘I love being creative and doing things unusual or out of the ordinary.

‘I would love to be a key artist and do creative makeup on film and tv one day. That would be the dream.’

Nicky working on her face. The makeup artist said she was ‘lost and depressed’ before taking up her new hobby and showing off her talents online

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