Man goes for a 'few beers' at friend's house – ends up in Ibiza and gets dumped

19-year-old Brad Duff decided on Sunday to meet his friend Reece Lornie, also 19, for a couple of drinks at his house.

As we can all probably relate to, those few quiet jars turned into a lot more. As not many of us can relate to, though, for the Dundee teenagers it also ended in a one-way ticket to Ibiza.

Brad and Reece, both plumbers, got drunk and had a look at flights. When they saw that tickets to the party island in the Balearics were going for £150, it was the push they needed to upend their Monday mornings.

Within six hours, they were chilling by the pool at the Ibiza Rocks hotel. And, not long after that when Brad sent his girlfriend a selfie from his destination, he was dumped.

Reece said: ‘Brad came to mine on Sunday and we were having a couple of drinks. I’ve no idea how we got on to talk about holidays but we ended up on the internet and found a good deal to get to Ibiza. 

‘We bought a one-way flight out here and six hours later we were here. We were just sitting in mine having a drink and next thing you know we’re in Ibiza. 

‘Brad’s girlfriend has left him because of this, she went mental at him. 

‘Obviously she didn’t know we were coming out here because we didn’t and then she woke up on Monday morning with a photo from us saying we were in Ibiza.’

This hasn’t bothered the lads, with Reece saying: ‘We’re having a great time. We’ve been to Ocean Beach every day since Monday, just chilling there. We have spent a fortune there so far. 

‘We’re just enjoying the 34-degree weather, it feels like liberation after lockdown.’

Thankfully they also haven’t lost their jobs or families either. Reece said: ‘When I told my mum and dad they didn’t think it was real, they just thought I was joking. They’re okay with it now though. 

‘God knows when we’ll be home. We need to get a return sorted soon though because I’ve got work. 

‘I rang my boss the next day and told him what had happened. He was alright about it, he just said “you only live once”.’ 

Probably the only boss in the country for whom YOLO makes an appearance outside of disciplinary proceedings.

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