Man goes viral for sharing tip on how to stop someone from sitting next to you on a plane

A MAN has shared a tip on how to stop someone from sitting next to you on a plane.

Tiktok user Kenny Strawbridge shared a video which went viral as people lapped up the advice.

The video showed a plane filling up with passengers who were looking for seats as they were unassigned.

Kenny, who uses the handle @yourgffavhooper, panned round to show a man sat behind him in the window seat who appeared to be asleep.

He had spread his stuff out on the middle and aisle seats in their row in an attempt to stop anyone from sitting down.

The idea was that by pretending to be asleep, no one would wake the man up to ask him to move his stuff.

So by the time the flight was ready to take off, everyone would be sat down and he would have the full row to himself.

Kenny captioned the video: "When you fake sleep during boarding so you can keep the middle seat open."

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The video has been watched nearly 2m times, but people weren't impressed with the tip and said they would wake the man up.

One person commented: "I'll step over. I couldn't care less."

Another wrote: "F*** that, I would wake you up."

A third put: "No problem. I would wake your sorry a** up."

And a fourth wrote: "I'd just move your s*** and sit down just because you did this."

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