Man shares McDonald's McRib hack to make the 'best burger ever'

There was a lot of excitement when the McRib arrived in McDonald’s in the UK in December.

But it turns out that if you’ve been just ordering the McRib as it’s usually served, you’re doing fast food all wrong.

A man from Australia has shared his hack for turning the McRib from a meal that’s ‘pretty average’ to the ‘best burger I’ve ever had from Maccas’.

The changes are pretty tiny, but apparently they make a big difference.

The man wrote on Facebook: ‘This one right here, this is actually really good. I am astonished with how these little extras really uplift this bad boy.’

So, how can you copy his tweaks?

It’s pretty simple.

Usually, the McRib burger is made of a pork patty topped with barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles.

But this guy recommends asking for an extra rib patty, bacon strips, two slices of cheese, and extra onions.

Apparently the onions help to ‘cut through’ the mass of barbecue sauce, which can be a bit overwhelming.

‘Glad I managed to knock one of these out before they disappear into the mist again,’ he said.

‘It’s easily the best burger I’ve had from Maccas.’

Bear in mind that adding extras will knock the cost up, but if that means getting a better burger, this hack might be one worth trying.

Other highly recommended McDonald’s hacks include ordering a neapolitan milkshake (yep, a mix of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), making your own surf and turf burger (just get a cheeseburger and a Filet O Fish and combine), and the hash brown McMuffin (a McMuffin with a hash brown inside).

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