Man stumbles across creature’s ‘corpse’ in the ground only to find it’s alive

A man joked he had found a corpse in the ground after seeing a pair of tiny hands poking from the dirt.

Laiaum shared his interesting find on Reddit and showed viewers what happened after he touched the deadly-looking paws.

As he zooms in on the ground, he notices a slight movement beneath the soil.

He gently brushes his fingertips on the tiny paws and the animal turns around, revealing it is in fact an armadillo.

To his surprise, he says: "Oh! Hey, what's up?"

The barrel-shaped animal looks up for a second and starts digging the ground to hide itself under the dirt.

It flips over and covers its body with the dirt again, poking its legs out in the air.

The clip has been upvoted 110,000 times and some viewers joked that the user had disturbed the armadillo's sleep.

"I was scared there for a minute. It's so cute!" one commented.

A second penned: "It's exactly like Sandshrew in Pokemon."

Others said the man was explaining in the video that the armadillo hid itself in the dirt to "cool off its body temperature".

One wrote: "It is a heat-reduction strategy … .piling colder material on the soft parts of the body to pull heat away. Kind of the opposite of flipping the pillow to find the cold spot for your face."

Armadillo is commonly found in Brazil but its three-banded species are listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List.

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