Marks and Spencer launches new bags of Colin the Caterpillar chocolate faces

British birthday parties wouldn’t be the same without a Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Without a doubt, the best slice is the one with the chocolate face on the side.

Queue: arguments over who gets it.

Well, Marks and Spencer has solved the age-old debate by launching bags of Colin faces.

Yep, you can buy individual bags of “Mini Colin Faces” at the supermarket – so everyone gets one.

The faces are made of white chocolate with yummy milk chocolate eyes.

The faces are smaller than the one you get on the cake, but you can have several to make up for the shortfall.

They’re closer to the size featured on the mini Colin rolls.

A fifth of a bag will set you back 139 calories – about 7% of your daily intake.

And fans of the iconic birthday cake are excited by the new launch.

On Twitter, one woman said: “Omg, so M&S have started selling mini Colin the caterpillar faces in bags and omg THAT’S THE BEST PART!”

While on a Facebook post by NewfoodsUK, another wrote: “We could’ve done with these years ago to prevent arguments on who gets the face!”

“OMG, dream come true,” added a third.

Another fun idea is to make your own mini rolls and add the Colin faces yourself for a home made version of the yummy treats.

Or, pop them on cupcakes for parties!

You can pick up a bag for just £2 each from M&S.

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