Martin Lewis on ‘terrible customer service’ of broadband providers & how to get money back

Martin Lewis offers broadband advice to This Morning caller

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Martin Lewis was on ITV’s This Morning today, speaking to a viewer about their broadband bill. The finance expert regularly appears on TV to answer viewers’ finance questions.

After answering calls about Premium bonds, ISA stocks and shares, and student debt, Martin answered a viewer’s question about their broadband.

The viewer, Sue, explained her situation to This Morning, writing in a message: “I purchased a Plus Net broadband package in January. Almost three months later and after three engineer visits, the service is still not up and running.

“I’m set to pay my first bill next week for a service I’m still not receiving. What can I get?”

Martin replied: “Well I think the honest answer is it depends what you want.”

The finance expert continued: “The problem there is of course you shouldn’t be paying that bill.

“This sounds to me like cock-up not conspiracy, if I’m honest.

“So, you’d need to get in touch with Plus Net.”

Martin explained: “Plus Net is a big firm, it’s owned by BT – it’s not a fly-by-night company, and it actually has a relatively good customer service rating.”

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Martin added that all broadband firms have a “terrible customer service rating” but Plus Net being “relatively” good is “not bad for a mainstream provider”.

The finance expert told Sue: “So, you need to get in touch with them [Plus Net] and say, ‘This is not good enough, what are you going to do?’.

“I presume that the first thing you want is your broadband. You want them to get out there and make sure your broadband works in your house, and if they can’t do it, they need to tell you that and put you to someone else,” Martin explained.

“For missed appointments and it being this late, you absolutely should be entitled to some form of compensation.”

Martin emphasised: “But the real key is, I presume, you want to get connected.

“So, get in touch with them, ask to make a formal complaint – use the word ‘formal’ – and you want to register that this is not good enough and that you want to speak to someone senior who can give you a plan of what’s going to happen.

“Or [tell them] you’re going to cancel your contract – that you want to cancel your contract.

“Absolutely you should not be paying when you haven’t got the service,” Martin added.

“You want to make sure that you don’t pay that bill, and they should be giving you some bill credit in the next few months and getting it sorted.”

If that doesn’t work, Martin explained that the viewer could then take the broadband company to a telecom’s ombudsman.

However, the finance expert warned that how effective it will be in getting the broadband working will depend on what “the problem getting your service up and running is”.

Lastly, Martin highlighted that viewers should be “polite but firm” with companies when making complaints.

“Don’t blame the person that’s picking up the phone,” he added.

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