Martin Lewis settles debate over whether shops can refuse cash during pandemic

Martin Lewis has finally settled the debate over whether shops are legally allowed to refuse cash during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shops across the country have opted to only accept card payments over the last several months, in a move to reduce the amount of contact and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Martin was asked on his ITV show, The Martin Lewis Money Show, whether businesses are “breaking rules by only accepting cards.”

"No, they are not breaking any rules," Martin said.

"You are allowed to take card only as long as it's not discriminatory for race or disability or something."

He then explained exactly what the term “legal tender” means.

"Legal tender has a strict definition,” the financial guru added. “It means if you have a court awarded debt against you, if someone tries to settle and they're paying in legal tender you cannot refuse it.

"And that's all it means."

Legal tender can change depending on where you live in the country. In Scotland, for example, only coins are legal tender but that does not make notes illegal.

"They're all legal currency," he added.

Martin also spoke about how the government has confirmed that, once we leave the EU, you will able to get cash out from a supermarket without buying anything.

“And with the closures of ATMs and bank branches that will be useful.”

Elsewhere in the informative programme last night, the Money Saving Expert founder explained how Tesco Clubcard customers are able to get free money towards their Christmas shopping this year.

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