Marvel's Miles Morales Is Getting a New Spider-Man Suit for His 10th-Anniversary

Despite only coming to the forefront of Marvel‘s universe recently through Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles Morales actually found his origins as the black-clad web-slinger back in 2011. In celebration of the beloved character’s 10th-anniversary, Marvel has created a new costume for him that will debut in the Miles Morales: Spider-Man issue 30.

Taking a different direction from his usual skin-tight suit that largely resembles the original Peter Parker outfit but done in black and red, the new outfit takes what looks to be a more comfortable approach with looser fitting silhouettes reminiscent of a tracksuit. As you’d expect, the suit retains its crimson and dark color scheme, with a matching mask with fully colored eyes instead of his usual white patches. Topping off the look is a pair of futuristic-looking sneakers, no doubt a nod to his Jordans in Into the Spider-Verse.

For fans of Miles Morales, his new outfit will debut on the cover of Miles Morales: Spider-Man issue 30, set to arrive September 18 with numerous variant covers too.

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