‘Massive’ black cat seen prowling in field as fears grow of ‘puma’ on the loose

A "big cat" has been spotted prowling through a field in the countryside for the fourth time in as many months, it has been claimed.

Residents of Flintshire in north-east Wales have called the animal the "Pontybodkin puma", following previous sightings in the Pontybodkin and Pontblyddyn areas.

Eyewitness Stephen, who was walking his dog in the field on Monday afternoon (March 1), is convinced his footage has captured a "panther" in broad daylight.

In the video, a big black shadow is seen roaming near the trees in a field.

Stephen is heard saying: "That’s massive! That’s a big cat that."

The video was shared onto Facebook page "Puma Watch North Wales" which is regularly updated with any new sightings and videos supposedly showing big cats.

One said: "I think it looks quite big compared to a domestic cat. I’ve had domestic cats all my life and they’ve never been this size."

Another penned: "Look the way its walking, I'd say that's 100 percent big cat, but also could possibly be a Cane Corso, and somebody walking in the woods?

"They also look like Panthers from a distance."

The sighting comes after a man spotted a "big cat the size of a sheep" looking for food in a field in the region.

Jonathan Terry, from Trelogan, Flintshire, said he was in the kitchen when he saw the animal lurking in the distance.

In December, a McDonald’s driver also snapped what he believed to be an “enormous” big cat in Chester.

Given the blurred images and zoomed-in footage, most of the sightings are often dismissed as domestic cats. But one wildlife expert believes the UK could be home to up to 500 big cats in the wild.

Dr Andrew Hemmings, of the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, said he has received multiple reports of big cats over the years and said over 80% of them are credible.

He has also discovered large bite marks on animals such as deer across the UK.

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