Meek Mill Accused of Playing Victim Following Vanessa Bryant’s Call Out Over Kobe Lyrics

Meek appears to show no remorse after Vanessa confronts Meek on Instagram over his lyrics in an unreleased song, writing, ‘Dear @meekmill , I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful.’

AceShowbiz -After being called out by Kobe Bryant‘s widow Vanessa, Meek Mill continues to rant on social media. The Dream Chasers Records founder, who enraged people with insensitive reference on his unreleased collab with Lil Baby, took to Twitter to further complain over the backlash.

Showing no remorse, Meek tweeted on Monday, February 22, “I don’t think we on the same signal y’all .. I don’t see what y’all see… I be looking at the net laughing like I did whet. I say random s**t all day on social.” He went on saying, “it becomes a trend to hate on me every once in a while but I feen off that s**t ima beast literally [diamond emoji].”

In a separate tweet, the “Amen hitmaker” added, “Ima stay on this 100m chase to feed the kids ima dip from the crowd and stay in the vip.”

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Some Internet users were not feeling his response as TV personality Dr. Emeka Okorocha wrote in the comment section of TheShadeRoom’s post, “Sometimes just apologise and keep it moving.” Meanwhile, Erica Banks said, “He should just be quiet….”

Others urged Meek to just apologize over his disrespectful lyrics. “Just apologize tf!” one person commented with someone else asking, “So he not gonna apologize to her?” Echoing the sentiment, another person chimed in, “Man just admit you’re wrong.” Another person accused Meek of playing victim, writing, “I hate when ppl play victim.”

His tweets arrived after Vanessa confronted Meek on Instagram earlier that day. “Dear @meekmill , I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful. Period,” so she wrote. “I am familiar with any of your music, but I believe you can do better than this. If you are a fan, fine, there’s a better way to show your admiration for my husband. This lacks respect and tact.”

In the said track, Meek raps, “Yeah, and if I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my chopper, it be another Kobe.” Following the initial backlash, he defended himself as he wrote on Thursday, February 18, “somebody promo a narrative and y’all follow it…. y’all internet antics cannot stop me ….s**t like zombie land or something! Lol. They paying to influence y’all now … its almost like mind control ‘wake up.’ ” He also shared a picture of a hat with Kobe and Gianna’s names on it, seemingly trying to show that he’s a fan of the late NBA legend.

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