Meet Jesse Rutherford: Billie Eilishs New Boyfriend

Born in California, Jesse Rutherford was involved in the show business from a young age, participating in talent shows and creating music. He played with multiple local bands in his city and around the school before releasing solo music. In 2011, Rutherford co-created the band Neighborhood, which released a mix of hip-hop, rock, and indie music with a niche audience. Rutherford is the lead singer and a talented songwriter who has contributed significantly to his band’s music. Known for his love for fashion and styles, the singer has collaborated with fashion brands to introduce his designs and sell them to the public. Jesse Rutherford has recently become popular in the media for his secret relationship with Billie Eilish. Still, the singer’s talent goes beyond what is seen in the outlets today. From working as a child in shows to performing at large venues with his band, let’s look at who Jesse Rutherford is and how he built his $4 million net worth.

Starting Career Young


Growing up in California, Jesse Rutherford joined the entertainment industry as a child when he performed at talent shows as an Elvis and NSYNC impersonator. His passion for music and acting led him to perform in commercials and films. According to Yahoo Movies, Rutherford made his acting debut with a minor role in 2002 in films such as Bundy and Life Or Something Like It. He also appeared in a televised episode of Star Trek and then spent his teenage years focusing on his music career. He became a lead vocalist and performed with a variety of bands.

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In 2011, Jesse Rutherford returned to his solo career and began releasing mixtapes. He created a 17-song album as a combination of R&B and hip-hop genres. As Rutherford spent time connecting with musicians and bonding with other artists, he got the idea to form a band that could bring his musical visions to life. He created the band The Neighbourhood in 2011, and they released their debut album in 2013, as noted by Celebrity Net Worth. The band consisted of Rutherford as the lead vocalist, Mikey Margot for the bass, and guitarists Zach Abels and Jeremy Freedman.

The Rise Of A Hit-Maker

Before their debut album in 2013, The Neighbourhood released two singles in 2012: Female Robbery and Sweater Weather. The latter song became a massive hit on radio stations and peaked at the No.1 spot on the Billboard Alternatives Chart. A little less than a decade later, the song returned to the charts after several mashups of the single went viral on TikTok. The success of Sweater Weather also landed the band at various festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza, as stated by People. Their debut album, I Love You, has sold over 1.12 million copies worldwide.

While continuing his career as a solo artist and band leader, Rutherford released his first book titled & in 2016. It featured photographs of Rutherford himself, who explored gender fluidity with the help of photographer Jessie English. Rutherford also joined SoundCloud the same year under the pen name The Factoury. He uploaded singles on the platform under the alias but opted for his real name while releasing his first solo single, Born To Be Blonde. In 2017, his debut studio album & was released with 11 tracks and no other featured artists. Along with being a musician and author, Jesse Rutherford is also a fashion icon who has been pursuing his passion from a young age.

Moving Beyond Music Too

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A perfect rockstar, Jesse Rutherford has always been fond of fashion. At a young age, Rutherford would change his outfit more than five times daily to showcase his range. During his teen years, he performed at talent shows and worked at Journeys, Urban Outfitters, Vans, and Active skate shop to improve his style. Rutherford also claimed that he would mix and match with women’s clothing to bring variety to his everyday looks. In 2019, the singer got to show off his stunning style while embarking on a world tour, leading to another solo album release, GARAGEB&.

Jesse Rutherford dated businesswoman and fashionista Devon Lee Carlson for six years until they mutually parted ways in 2021, as stated by Cosmopolitan. In 2020, the couple collaborated with Marc Jacobs to release limited-edition Valentine’s Day-themed t-shirts that sold out within minutes of their release. Rutherford has continued to showcase his style through his red-carpet appearances and music performances.

Jesse Rutherford and his band The Neighbourhood released their fourth studio album, Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones, before the band took a hiatus in 2022. Rutherford has been in the media circle since he began dating singer Billie Eilish the same year, and the couple went public with their relationship.

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