Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview: Steve Braunias – a picturesque look at how the other half moan


The moaning rich will always be with us. There was something timeless about the Oprah interview with the Duck of Sussex and his beautiful wife, something eternal. It was as though it had been ripped from the papyrus of history and coloured in with CGI.

Their talk was full of ancient grievances – O the intolerable burdens of privilege! – but filmed in 2021 conditions, with the cameraman and soundman wearing two layers of Covid protection.

Much was said over the long, long chat. Much of it was serious, deadly serious. But the interview was also diverting to look at. Meghan wore a black maternity dress which looked as though it were freshly stained over one shoulder with seagull splatter.

And then there were the settings. The interview was at someone’s house between Oprah’s house and Meghan’s house.

It is a fair bet that your property looks nothing like it unless you, too, own a beautifully cultivated garden that looked as though it might be the size of Otago.

Oprah also visited Meghan’s home and the two of them went for a walk through an enchanted wood. It may have been Sherwood Forest, taken out of England tree by tree and brought to the New World.

Things got off to an exciting start. Oprah went straight for the jugular.

“You look lovely,” she said.

“Thank you,” countered Meghan. “So do you.”

Narrowing her eyes, Oprah moved in for the kill, and mentioned the royal wedding. “Thank you for inviting me,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” Meghan riposted, clearly on the ropes.

The tone was set. It was not what might be described as a challenging interview but certainly it was revealing, as Meghan spilled the beans every few seconds about an invisible enemy she only ever referred to, darkly, as “they”.

“They felt it appropriate to make decisions without asking me.” And: “They said Archie wasn’t going to receive security.” Also: “They hurt my feelings.”

An image was planted in the eyes of the viewing world of shadowy forces lurking hither and yon in the great palaces of England, determined to bring unhappiness to the lives of the Duck of Sussex and his blameless wife.

“Who are they?,” wondered Oprah. “Is it one person?”

“Yes,” said Meghan, but then added: “It’s several people.” Again, we were left with the image of a several-headed “They”, sinister and scheming, petty and conniving.

No names were ever mentioned except when Meghan said the Queen was “wonderful” and Princess Kate was “a good person”. Does that rule those two out as members of the dreadful and mysterious “They”?

After a while, the Duck of Sussex joined the interview, and looked every bit as sour and put-upon as his lovely wife. Good luck to them. They have each other. They have their chickens.

“Just being able to live authentically,” said Meghan, as the Duck got among the chooks, “it’s so basic, it’s really fulfilling.” For a precious, happy second, no one was moaning.

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