Meghans agent inspired Entourage show critics dubbed misogynistic

Meghan Markle has signed with the William Morris Endeavor (WME) Hollywood agency, which will represent her and her media company Archewell, which she co-owns with Prince Harry.

She will be represented by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, as well as Brad Slater and Jill Smoller.

Just days before the news of the signing came to light, Meghan was seen wearing clothing from her new agent Ari Emanuel’s wife’s brand STAUD.

The news, first reported by Variety, means Meghan will be represented among the likes of other actors such as Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, and Kenneth Branagh.

WME represents musicians such as Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, and Camila Cabello.

Ari Emanuel is one of the inspirations behind the infamous Ari Gold character in the hit TV show “Entourage”.

Fictional Ari Gold represents Vin Diesel and Larry David, as does the real-life Ari Emanuel.

Both also represent Entourage series producer Mark Wahlberg, who based the plot of the show loosely on his own experiences in Hollywood.

Emanual represented Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari Gold in the show, and Entourage creator Doug Ellin claimed Ari Emanuel demanded the “Ari Gold” part be cast to Piven on the special features of the Season 3 Part 2 DVD.

Entourage, which starred the character inspired by Meghan’s new agent, was a hugely popular show, but it wasn’t without widespread criticism from critics and members of the public for its portrayal of women, among other problematic topics.

Actor Rex Lee told TMZ in 2009 that crew members made “insensitive gay jokes” on set.

Reviewer Vikram Murthi wrote in his IndieWire column in 2015 how he fell out of love with the show due to the issues with how it treated members of the LGBTQ+ community and women.

He said: “It only took a couple more years to realize all the flaws that were staring at you in the face. You finally hear the racism, the homophobia, and the sustained misogyny buried in the foundation of the series’ premise.”

The Washington Post’s Alyssa Rosenberg wrote Entourage was like a “scathing documentary account of the entertainment industry’s sexual culture.”

She said: “The house style, which includes a preference of introducing the characters’ more disposable sexual partners nipple-first, makes the Fast and Furious franchise, which has its own share of upskirt shots, look like the vaguely Catholic family drama it’s always aspired to be.”

Generally, though, the show had positive reviews throughout its run, with scores of about 60 for all its seasons on Metacritic.

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