Mets unlikely to cut deal with Kumar Rocker in stunning turn of events

As the 5 p.m. Sunday deadline approached for teams to sign their draft picks, an agreement between the Mets and their first-round selection Kumar Rocker appeared very unlikely, multiple industry sources told The Post.

The draft-day arrangement with the Mets and the Vanderbilt pitcher for a $6-million signing bonus — well over the $4.74 million slot figure for the 10th overall pick — hit a snag when Rocker’s physical examination resulted in the Mets expressing concerns over the right-hander’s pitching elbow, as first reported by The Post on July 27.

Rocker did not miss any time due to injury during his time at college, although his fastball velocity dropped during the 2021 season.

If the two sides indeed part ways without a deal, the current Basic Agreement (which expires on December 1) would call for the Mets to receive the pick immediately following that of the 10th-worst team of this season. They need not make a below-slot offer to Rocker because, as ESPN reported on Sunday, Rocker didn’t participate in Major League Baseball’s voluntary MRI program in which the top 50 pitching prospects are asked whether they want to proactively subject themselves to testing

The 21-year-old Rocker, meanwhile, has two years of eligibility remaining at Vanderbilt.

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