Miley Cyrus poses topless in Rolling Stone shoot

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Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed.

The “Midnight Sky” singer, 28, bares her breasts in a new Rolling Stone photoshoot.

“THEY TOLD ME I SHOULD COVER IT SO I WENT THE OTHER WAY,” Cyrus captioned the pic on social media, which shows her opening up her leather jacket while in an elevator.

While she shared the full shot on Twitter, her pic on Instagram was conveniently censored with the Rolling Stone logo over her breasts. The publication also shared the NSFW version of the image, taken by photographer Brad Elterman, on its website Friday.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer told Rolling Stone she thinks “big progress” has been made in regards to women and their bodies.

“I don’t even know if you really can slut-shame now. Is that even a thing?” Cyrus said. “The media hasn’t really slut-shamed me in a long time.”

She added, “At one point I was like, ‘Yo, when I’m 16 and you’re circling my boobs and s–t like that . . . I’m the bad guy?’ I think people are starting to go, ‘Wait, wait, wait. That was f—ked up.’ They’re starting to know who the enemy and who the victim was there.”

In another photo from the sultry shoot, Cyrus is topless and wearing only black panties, ripped stockings and silver platform boots, but strategically places her hands over her chest.

Cyrus also appears semi-nude on the cover for the magazine, and she joked about it on Instagram, writing, “AT LEAST I GIVE THE PAPERS SOMETHING THEY CAN WRITE ABOUT.”

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