Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon Team Up for Legally Blonde 3

It’s time to bend and snap because we’re getting Legally Blonde 3!

That’s right, Reese Witherspoon‘s highly-anticipated film just got a major update. Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor are set to write the script for MGM’s Legally Blonde 3, Deadline reports. Witherspoon, who will return to her role as the iconic Elle Woods in the third film, will also produce the movie with her company, Hello Sunshine.

Fans have been waiting for another film in the Legally Blonde franchise. It’s been almost 20 years since the first movie, showing Witherspoon’s character taking on Harvard Law School, made its debut. Legally Blonde first premiered in theaters in July 2001. Two years later, Witherspoon returned to the role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, where her character made her way to Washington, D.C.

Since that time, fans of the films have been hoping for another movie with Witherspoon’s beloved character.

In 2018, the Oscar winner confirmed that Legally Blonde 3 was in the works. To share the exciting news, Witherspoon put on her character’s iconic bedazzled bikini and relaxed in the pool. 

Witherspoon captioned her announcement, “It’s true… #LegallyBlonde3”

Stefanie Keenan for Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

Back in April, Witherspoon shared an update on Legally Blonde 3 during an Instagram Live chat with Jennifer Lopez. During their talk, Lopez mentioned that she had recently watched Legally Blonde with her kids.

“Oh, my god, we watched Legally Blonde the other day,” the superstar singer told Witherspoon. “Literally, like, four days ago. Oh, my god, I forgot—I can’t believe I didn’t tell you. They loved it. Loved it. It was so much fun. You were so amazing in that. It’s so great. And then, my daughter’s like, ‘I want to know what happens to her.’ And I said, ‘There’s a 2 and a 3, I believe.'”

That’s when Witherspoon teased, “Well, no, there’s a 2 but I’m thinking we might be working on a 3.”

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