Model, 40, attracts men half her age and says sex is secret to youthful looks

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A model who is known best for impersonating video game explorer Lara Croft has revealed her secrets to looking so young.

Lucy Clarkson, from Rotherham, certainly earned a name for herself after becoming a model for Tomb Raider at the age of 17.

The 40-year-old held the role for two and a half years from 2000 when Jill de Jong took over.

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Now she's still doing bits in the online world – and fans can't believe how youthful she looks with the busy lifestyle she lives.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Lucy opened up about her role as Lara Croft – as well as how she turns on men half her age.

She said: "One of my proudest achievements in my career was being cast as the official Lara Croft model.

"I was so young at the time, and coming from a small village in South Yorkshire it just didn't seem real at all.

"Being Lara for all those years was such a powerful role to bring to life both physically and mentally, she is such a strong woman!"

Along with her Tomb Raider legacy, Lucy was voted "the world's sexiest woman" by British lads' magazine Loaded.

She even scooped the title of "Rear of the Year" by a tabloid, beating the likes of Cheryl Cole and many other stunners.

But being in her forties hasn't stopped Lucy from slowing down, in fact, she's got one secret which keeps her looking young.

When asked about her youthful appearance, the model credits "lots of sex, good food and laughter" to helping her age slower.

She added: "I'm thrilled about being 40. I've never looked or felt better to be honest. I have much more confidence, I know who I am.

"And no one ever told me that when you get into your forties you start really enjoying sex too!

"I was never really crazy about sex up until this past year.

"I feel like my body and mind is really in tune with everything.

"I know what I want and how to get it, in and out of the bedroom!"

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