Model bullied by ‘jealous’ classmates at school is now earns £22k monthly

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A model says she was bullied at school by classmates who were “jealous” of her.

Angelina Valdez, originally from Queens, New York, was picked on by her peers for wearing crop tops and shorts.

Her eyes were also envied by many, which is why one vile bully tried to poke her eyes out with a paperclip.

Thankfully, the 32-year-old hasn’t let these traumatic childhood experiences hold her back.

She now works as a model who earns $30,000 (around £22,000) a month from sexy snaps.

Angelina also has a legion of 331,000 adoring fans on her Instagram page @its_angebaby, which is probably why she feels much more confident nowadays.

Speaking about her difficult journey to success, Angelina said: “I was bullied for a very long time – I'd get in physical fights every day.

“As a teenager, I would wear crop tops and shorts and I would get picked on by the other girls.

“I was jumped by five girls who were way bigger than me – to later find out that their intentions were to poke me in the eye with a paper clip.

"They'd say: 'Hey, green eyes, you think you're so cute'.

“One time they even told me I had to break up with a boy I was seeing because they liked him and I shouldn’t be with him."

Angelina went to school with a defensive weapon in case she was jumped – and also cut class to avoid her bullies.

She admitted: "I had to leave school early every day to avoid the bullying.

"But eventually I got fed up with running so I carried a heavy padlock as a weapon – this stopped the girls from attacking me but the school found out and I was expelled and sent to a different school.

"When I was caught I denied carrying the weapon – the school thought I was crazy.

"But my parents agreed with me taking matters into my own hands since the school wasn’t going to do anything about the bullying.”

Angelina, who now lives in Murrieta, California, added: "The bullying stopped when I was sent to the new suburban school. It was nice there and the kids were completely different.

“I haven’t spoken to any of the bullies since being expelled but I guess if they found me online they would see how successful my looks have made me.”

Looking back on the bullying, the model now thinks her cruel classmates envied her.

She said: “I pretty much got bullied for standing out. I had exotic features – small bright green eyes with olive skin, big lips and brown curly hair – maybe I was just the envy of other girls.

“I see that now, as an adult, but when I was young I didn’t understand.

“I guess going through the experience has made me learn to not give a s*** about anybody else's opinion.”

As an adult, Angelina doesn’t have any of the same worries.

She has gone on to have a successful career showing off her hourglass figure to adoring fans on the internet.

The model said: “It’s pretty cool that nowadays I just get paid to look really nice and walk around in lingerie. That’s $8,000 a week or so, just to be me.”

Angelina, who has an OnlyFans account, says stripping off for strangers has helped her build her confidence back up too.

She said: “I do feel very confident In everything that I do, and I feel comfortable in my own skin.

“It’s certainly a taboo, especially among my family and friends who don’t understand why I do it.

“I’ve been looked down upon, been gossiped about – and I probably still am – which is perfectly fine by me at this point.

“It all comes down to how you feel in your skin – if you don’t see nudity as a problem, even though nudity has this negative connotation, then you can do anything.”

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