Molly-Mae Hague apologises for slamming Italian food as ‘grim’ after Venice trip

Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague has apologised after the star slammed Italian food as "grim" and "absolutely shocking".

The social media influencer, 21, sparked outrage after she criticised Italian food while on a getaway in Venice.

Molly-Mae took to her Instagram stories to tell her followers that the food she tried was "absolutely shocking".

Sharing a snap of an ice cream she had tried, the blonde bombshell said: "I absolutely loved Venice but one thing I will say about Italy in general… The food is actually shocking?

"So controversial I know but I've been a lot of times now to different parts and I've tried a lot of different restaurants and I'm always so disappointed."

She added: "It's meant to be the home of pizza and pasta and I really can't see how! Strange. Even this ice cream was grim."

But her comments seemed to have sparked outrage as Molly-Mae later took to social media to apologise for causing offence.

She shared a video to her Instagram story, explaining: "My DMs are going wild with this food Italy thing,’ she began the video in her Instagram stories.

"Sorry if I offended anyone, it’s just my experience. Everyone’s like, “You only tried the touristy restaurants”, like no, I actually tried all different kinds like rural restaurants.

"I got recommended to go to these traditional Italian restaurants that are meant to serve the best pizza and pasta, and again, I just wasn't impressed and it’s not me being ungrateful, I had the best time, it’s just my experience of the food."

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However, she added: "And a lot of you guys in my DMs seem to relate as well, which is very interesting."

Molly-Mae shot to fame after taking part in Love Island series five in 2019.

She met her beau Tommy Fury on the dating reality show, and the hot couple are still together.

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