Monica Lewinsky net worth: How much President Clintons former mistress has earned

Monica Lewinsky walks off stage over Bill Clinton question

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With Monica Lewinsky’s FX series Impeachment: American Crime Story premiering in the US only last month, takes a look at how much money the political star has. Monica has established herself as an activist, TV personality and fashion designer. However, she is most well-known for her affair with President Bill Clinton when she interned at the White House in 1995 and 1996. How much money does she have in the bank?

Monica Lewinsky net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, 48-year-old Monica Lewinsky has a net worth of $1.5million.

This is equal to around £1million.

Bill and Hilary Clinton’s combined net worth is $120million.

This is equal to a staggering £87 million.

Monica was born in San Francisco, United States on July 23, 1973.

She grew up in a wealthy family and through a family connection secured an unpaid internship at the White House in July 1995.

In December 1995, Monica was given a paid position dealing with correspondence in the Office of Legislative Affairs.

She was dismissed from the White House and transferred to the Pentagon in April 1996 because her superiors suspected that her relationship with the President was unprofessional.

By January 1998, the Clinton-Lewinsky affair was made public, after Lewinsky’s colleague Linda Tripp started secretly recording their phone calls.

In 1999, Monica released a memoir entitled ‘Monica’s Story’.

This was written by Andrew Morton, who was also the biographer of Princess Diana.

Lewinsky reportedly made $500,000 (roughly £363,997) from the book.

In the same year, Barbara Walters interviewed Monica on ABC’s 20/20.

She made $1million (£728,000) from rights to the interview, yet struggled with high legal bills.

Monica has had several business ventures.

She began to sell a line of handbags bearing the slogan, “Made just for you by Monica.”

Later, she made $300,000 (roughly £216,945) appearing in TV commercials for the diet company Jenny Craig.

She was briefly a host for the reality show Mr Personality.

After a decade out of the public eye, Monica appeared on various shows and more recently speaks out against cyberbullying and sexual harassment.

Currently, Monica is a producer on the new FX series Impeachment: American Crime Story, which follows the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the events that lead to the former President’s impeachment.

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