Mother reveals how Rich House, Poor House changed her life

Single mother reveals she cleared £20,000 of debt and launched a successful make-up business thanks to millionaire couple who gave her free training after switching lives on Rich House, Poor House

  • Nadine Hill appeared on Rich House, Poor House in 2020 with Katy Jobbins 
  • Nadine was struggling mother from Portsmouth, while Katy is a millionaire
  •  A year on, with help from Katy and husband Paul, Nadine’s turned life around
  • Has no more debt, has a new career and money in bank after Nadine trained her 

A single mother who was drowning in debt has revealed how she turned her life around after changing careers following an appearance on Channel 5’s Rich House, Poor House. 

Nadine Hill, from Portsmouth, lived on £80 a week, when she appeared on the Channel 5 docuseries, in 2019 and had more than £20,000 in debt. 

She was living on benefits, topped up with working one day a week, when she swapped budgets with Paul Bate and Katy Jobbins, a millionaire couple from Sussex with £1,800 disposable income a week. 

Katy, who had made her fortune running a permanent make-up business, instantly connected with part-time beautician Nadine, noticing how they came from similar backgrounds. 

Last night, Katy appeared on Rich House Poor House Changed My Life, to reveal she now has her own successful beauty business, after Nadine saw ‘potential’ in her, and offered to train her for free at the end of the original show. 

Nadine Hill, from Portsmouth, lived on £80 a week, when she appeared on the Channel 5 docuseries Rich House, Poor House in 2019 and had more than £20,000 in debt, but she’s now paid off what she owed and has her own successful business 

Permanent makeup artist Katy Jobbins and her husband, Paul Bate, run a hugely successful beauty clinic in East Sussex meaning they can live a luxurious lifestyle and treat their three young children Sebastian, nine, Maddox, six, and Annabel, 18 months with their £1,800 a week budget for food and entertainment

Fans of the show were delighted to see Nadine turn her life around and build her own business with the help of Katy 

The episode revealed that Katy kept her promise, accompanying Nadine every step of the way as she completed her training during the Covid-19 pandemic and opened her own clinic. 

At the time of the first showed aired, Nadine was working only one day a week because she didn’t have childcare for her four-year-old son Morgan.  

‘Before Rich Poor House, I had a lot of debt, and it was a struggle for us,’ she said. 

She admitted she thought she would get a little bit of money from the show, but said: ‘I didn’t realise it was going to change my life.’

Single mother from Portsmouth Nadile Hill appeared on Rich House Poor House with her best-friend Alex ans son Morgan, then four, in 2020. She was struggling with her debt and worked only one day a week. A year on, she reveals on Rich House Poor House Changed my Life that she’s now debt free

Nadine Hill, from Portsmouth, lived on £80 a week, when she appeared on the Channel 5 docuseries, in 2019. She is pictured now celebrating her success with bubbly

Nadine Hill, is a  struggling single mother who works one day a week at a hair salon, and spends the other time looking after her son Morgan, four. Her best friend Alex (also pictured) joins her in the show

‘Life on a budget is hard, it does get you down, it does affect your mental health,’ Nadine said. 

‘You need money for everything, people treat you differently if you haven’t got any money.

‘I was just thinking, imagine just actually being Katy and have all that money every week,’ she said.  

Nadine added that when she realised Katy was a permanent makeup artist, she immediately wanted to learn more about her success.  

‘A little light bulb went “ding”,’ she said.

Alex, Nadine and Morgan are pictured at a karate class the Jobson-Bates children usually attend

Nadine and Katy in Nadine’s new salon after she opened her own venue following £10,000 worth of training

‘I knew I was destined for more than I had in front of me right now. I think when you believe something it happens in more ways that you would imagine,’ she added. 

From the outset, her time on the show became a learning curve.  

‘I wanted to see how they made their money and what ideas I could take from that,’ Nadine said. 

She then found out Nadine was offering training for £10,000 a week.  

‘I knew I probably would never be able to afford a course like that but it gave me a little bit of hope that people are bettering themselves and Katy is helping them do that,’ she said. 

Alex and Nadine are pictured at a toy ship picking up presents for Morgan 

Katy reflected on what motivated her to help Nadine change careers and training as a permanent makeup artist like her. 

‘I could see that she was such a creative person in the way that she did something out of nothing.

‘I could see so much of Nadine and vice versa, we were so similar, the same kind of background and struggles in life,’ she said. 

‘I could see there was so much potential.  

‘The thing I like about Nadine is how much she tries with how little she’s got,’ she said. 

Nadine is pictured on her free training course with Katy, which usually costs £10,000 a week

Nadine was living on benefits when she swapped budgets with Paul Bate and Katie Jobbins, a millionaire couple from Sussex with £1,800 of disposable income a week

‘She had all the creativity, all the potential but just no means of doing something for it,’ she added. 

However, she was concerned over Nadine burying her head in the sand over her debts. 

‘I had a sense Nadine was just chucking those bills away and not dealing with it at all and hoping it would all go away,’ she added. 

At the end of the show, Katy offered to train Nadine one-on-one for free, which was a shock to the single mother. 

‘When Katy offered me the training for free, I was a bit amazed, I did think these sort of things don’t happen very often and definitely not to me,’ Nadine said.  

Paul and Katy are pictured with their children outside Nadine’s home in inner city Portsmouth 

‘Sometimes peoples say thing for affect on TV but I knew for a fact she wouldn’t let me down,’ she added. 

The single mother made a list of short term and long term goals after her appearance on the show, and Paul and Katy booked her in for training the day after filming stopped. 

Shortly after their time on camera, Nadine’s training began in earnest. 

However, it was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic, and she was sent home, where she practised on prosthetic skin for four months before returning to training over the summer of 2020. 

It wasn’t the end of the troubles for Nadine, who still needed to face her financial situation.  

Nadine and Alex are pictured in Katy’s salon, where she later trained to do permanent make-up

‘The first hurdle we faced with Nadine was getting her to face reality, to actually look at the debt that she had, and that took quite a lot of confronting with her,’ Katy said. 

‘Once she looked at and accepted it, she actually called and negotiated all of her debt down,’ she revealed.

Before the show, Nadine couldn’t work full time due to the demands of childcare, but her sister Penny stepped up and helped to share the load so that Nadine could work more.  

‘After I complete my training, the beauty room in the salon I used to work for became vacant, that’s how it all started to come together,’ Nadine explained. 

‘At beginning of starting up my business, Katy and Paul were always on the phone with me,’ she revealed. 

‘It kinda all fell into place, which was quite exciting,’ she said. 

‘We talked her through the process of what we did to achieve what we did,’ Katy explained. 

When restrictions eased, Nadine visited Sussex for further training with Katy. 

Shortly after their time on camera, Nadine’s training began in earnest, she is pictured in her salon

The mother-of-three said she would always be there to help Nadine achieve her goals.  

‘She’s always got us to help her in terms of how she’s going to progress, she’ll always be under our wing for however long she needs to be,’ she said. 

In January 2021, Nadine was beaming as she announced to Katy and Paul that business was going very well at her clinic. 

Paul and Katy surprised her by revealing they had spent the last few months working on a website for her business, which Katy said made Nadine’s ‘official.’

Katy said Nadine’s biggest challenge was ‘keeping on top of all the paperwork side and marketing side,’ but she added she and Paul were there to help. 

The two women revealed they became close friends, with Katy admitting she met Nadine at a hard time in her life, where she suffered from Impostor Syndrome and felt she didn’t deserve her success.  

‘I think at the time that I met Nadine was quite a tricky time in my life, I was suffering really badly with Impostor Syndrome, when someone has has so much success that they don’t really feel worthy of it,’ Katy said. 

‘She’s showed me my value,’ she added. 

‘You were broke and I was broken and we fixed each other,’ she told Nadine over sushi and bubbly.  

‘I felt trapped before when I didn’t have much money, I couldn’t really see a way out, it was a very dark time in my life and I’m glad it’s over,’ Nadine said, reflecting on her life before the show. 

‘I’m so grateful and so excited for the future for me and Morgan,’ she added. 

Rich House Poor House Changed by Life airs on Channel 5 at 9pm on Sundays

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