Mrs Hinch fans share 20p trick using cat litter and sock to prevent condensation

The UK weather is dropping in temperature.

While it's the season for cosy fires and snuggling up with blankets, it also means condensation in homes is back.

Fortunately, Mrs Hinch fans revealed a 20p hack to make sure it doesn't come back or cause mould.

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The main cause of condensation is a lack of ventilation, but it's not ideal keeping windows open all day when it's cold.

Now cleaning fans took to social media to share their tricks for preventing the annoying stuff, reports Express.

In one group, a woman asked how to get rid of condensation.

She wrote: "What will help with the condensation on windows?

"I've got the damp-proof things from the pound shop. Doesn't seem to help.

"Vents on windows are open and it drives the kids mad as they say they can hear everything from outside."

Plenty of people rushed to offer their help with the most popular being a sock and cat litter.

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One wrote: "Crystal cat litter in a sock kept on a window sill."

Another added: "Apparently you can fill socks with cat litter and put them on the window sill.

"Tie the open end with an elastic band or something."

A third commented: "Cat litter in a sock in the window sill, change every week or more if very damp."

While a fourth suggested: "A sock of cat litter on the window sill, change roughly once a month."

You can buy a packet of cat litter for £3.75 in Wilkos which gives you 20 scoops that equal to 20p for each use.

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